Craftival: A Craft Beer Festival

Germany has been known as the land of overflowing beer.

There are a lot of famous events as well as products that have been popular worldwide- there’s the world-renowned Oktoberfest, ubiquitous biergartens or giant beer mugs- that anyone would somehow closely associate with the German culture. Here, you can find different types of beer and most especially they are sold in an affordable price. Now,who can even resist drinking beer in this country?

Last August 8, Craftival was opened as the first craft beer festival in Freiburg. Beer companies came from Freiburg, Schwanau, Mahlberg, Strasbourg, Basel, and Tettnang just to offer and let the public try their products. It is the most interesting beer festival that I’ve attended so far. All just needed to pay 2 Euros for the entrance fee and the staff also charged 4 Euros for the Craftival Bier Menu.

 They gave a checklist that allowed people to know more about the companies which were participating on the said event.

2015-08-28 15.17.09
Ready. Set. Go! DRINK!!!!

Since it was very hot that day, the weather set the atmosphere for people to sit on the bench and talk to each other. There was also a great musician who performed and set the relaxing ambiance.2015-08-28 15.19.222015-08-28 15.16.17

As one walked from one booth to another, everyone can find some interesting products to buy.

2015-08-28 15.14.16
Bîrtel and other booths also offer free finger food. 
2015-08-28 15.18.12
Most of the booths asked drinkers about the flavors that they prefer. They offered wide variety of choices.

Look at what they can do with the beer bottles! For all the drunks out there, please do something creative out of the bottles that you’ve finished instead of breaking them and leaving them scattered along the streets.

2015-08-28 15.15.16
There was a booth which offered some products like lamp, containers etc. out of beer bottles.

Aside from drinking, there were also other delectable meals that everyone can buy.

2015-08-28 15.23.32
Streat Kitchen’s Cheeseburger. You will never say no in every bite.
2015-08-28 15.20.39
Grilled Ribs! This was served with french fries.

The most unique drink that I discovered here is the beer cocktail. They put some herbs and stones (yes stones!) in your drink.  I thought that stones are just used for filtering  but they put stones as an alternative for ice. They helped the cocktail stay cool for some minutes.

2015-08-28 15.22.48
This one was a little sweeter.
2015-08-28 15.21.33
This flavor was a little bit strong for me.

The event was quite cool because you can get the chance to try a lot of drinks as well as you can also meet different people from various parts of the globe.  Definitely, there should be another Craftival next year!


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