Known as the “Sin City” or  the “Gambling Capital of the World,” Vegas will never fail its visitors through its tempting lights, colorful street artists and sumptuous buffets.

Las Vegas Strip

Just by walking along the strip,definitely, you will not be bored. However, I suggest to walk during late afternoon or in the evening, since in September, it tends to be really hot outside.


Who would have thought that there can be a pyramid or a sphinx in America? Most of the hotels in Vegas have a creative and magnificent infrastructure that will entice the tourists to go inside or even stay there for a night. Each of the hotels has their own gimmicks like  fountain, light, or sounds shows. And they are all free of charge.

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If you’re the kind of person who wants to risk then try, gambling! Of course, there are a lot of temptations from sexy girls in a bikini to a comfortable casino- everything in Vegas  will entice you to gamble your money. It’s up to you to decide!


Cirque de Soleil

You should not miss Cirque de Soleil when you visit Vegas. I thought that it’s more about stunts but they offer  wide range of performances. Most of my friends do recommend their Michael Jackson show. However, I watched Zarkana and  I would really commend the performers’ professionalism because they are not just good while performing their stunts but they really act in character. Their production design, costume, and make-up are really magnificent. The show is definitely worth the price!





Wicked Spoon

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This trip wouldn’t be complete without a good buffet. Wicked spoon is indeed great with its food presentation. It might also be ideal to have brunch there since it’s cheaper and you get various types of food from breakfast, lunch, and dessert. Although, there are one or two dishes that I find really salty so in terms of taste, Wicked Spoon is not that perfect.

There are still a lot of things to discover in Vegas. And I will definitely come back!