Gymnastics in Germany

Before, I used to associate Gymnastics to a girl performing some stunts with ribbons. However, my experiences in Germany widen my knowledge about this sport, thus it offers a lot more than what I knew.

Just last Saturday, Novermber 21, I witnessed how TV Herbolzheim beat TSV Buttenwiesen. This last competition for the season placed them on the second place out of 8 teams from Germany. The categories involved floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars, and high bar. What is inspiring about being a spectator of this event is that you can really see how disciplined, dedicated, and committed the gymnasts are. Although most of them are students and professionals, they still find time to train every week and compete mostly on weekends.

Here are some  of the highlights of  the said event.



Aside from competitions and weekly trainings, they also perform in private and public events. Last February 2014, I  had the privilege to perform with TVH in Herbolzheim’s Prunk und Narrensitzung- a celebration related to Fasnacht or more popularly known as Carnival. Here is the video.