Beef Nilaga

Yes, it is really cold outside. The common saying that it’s better late than never might be definitely right considering the snowfall this winter season.  I think you would agree with me that one way to fight cold and the feeling of depression is to have a good warm soup. This recipe  is just perfect for this season!

Beef Nilaga

2016-01-21 18.02.33.png

1/2 kg        Beef (ideal with bones)

2  pieces   onions

1 clove       garlic

2 pieces    corn (cut into three)

3 cubes      beef broth

5 pieces     potatoes

1/2              China Kohl/ Cabbage

2016-01-21 18.01.08.png

Boil the beef with onions and garlic for 2 hours using medium heat, if you don’t have a pressure cooker. I always prefer to make the meat softer and easier to chew. Put the corn, potatoes, and beef broth and wait for 10 minutes before adding the China Kohl or Cabbage.

Serve hot.