June 12 marks the Philippines’ 119 years of independence. Since this day is intended to celebrate Filipino’s hard-fought FREEDOM (whether it may be taken from a positive or negative perspective), here are some reasons why I am still thankful that I am a Filipino. Living for almost half a decade overseas makes me realize how hard it is to be a foreigner because I have too much freedom to do what I want

Living for almost half a decade overseas makes me realize how hard it is to be a foreigner because I have too much freedom to do what I want. Having too many options of which values to apply or cultural boundaries to set can be really confusing. My stay abroad allows me to deal with my innate Filipino culture and the integration of another foreign culture. So let me share some Filipino skills that help me enjoy the freedom that I have today.



We are NOT English native speakers but given the fact that all of us learn English since we were just babies, help us to communicate with all people around the world. This is a strong asset in traveling and landing a position in a multinational/ foreign company.


Wherever you are in the world, the best stories are shared over a sumptuous meal. Name a Filipino dish and we can make a way to make it happen regardless if there is a missing ingredient. Cooking does not only fill our stomach but it also connects us to home.


Events pave the way to every Filipino to shine by singing their hearts out or even dance like there is no tomorrow. It is more fun to party in the Philippines and Filipinos take that spirit as we put our 100% energy to sing videoke or dance to any beat.


When life happens, Filipinos have that super magical power to still smile or laugh amidst adversity. Many foreigners can’t even understand and they have an impression that we are not taking the situation seriously. But hey! We deal with problems head on but can we just smile for a while and tell ourselves that everything will be alright?


No matter how many cities you visited or how many dishes you have eaten, nothing beats a long conversation over Skype, Viber, Whatsapp or any other new technology with our friends or family. Filipinos are friendly and hospitable but what makes us different is we really mean it. It is easy to be friends with us and no matter where we are we will find ways to connect.


Filipinos love a lot. I am not just pertaining to romantic love but also if we open our house, we treat you as a part of our family. We give more than what we have. Same goes for a relationship, we always try to exhaust our freedom to give everything until we don’t have anything left for ourselves.

I think the freedom that we have right now is so enormous that we might be abusing the same freedom that our ancestors have fought for. Instead of uniting and enjoying what we have, there are some detrimental effects not only in the Philippines but how the world view us as well. It makes me think about what is our collective Filipino identity given the freedom that we have today?

“The identity of the Filipino today is of a person asking what is his identity.”
Nick Joaquín, Culture and History