I know age is just a number but let’s make each figure count!

In a few days, I will be turning 30. Being here overseas makes it more challenging for me to celebrate this milestone with a bang!

If you know me, and you want to make me feel special on my birthday, then I just want to share with all of you the desires of my heart 🙂


Long Letter

In this period when it is so easy to just send an instant message, I would really appreciate a long well-thought letter in a  stationery paper, enclosed by an envelope.  Besides the usual “happy birthday” greetings, let me know how I made an impact on your life, or what do you like about me because, trust me, whenever I feel lonely I will always read this letter over and over again.

Postcards or Ref Magnet

Since I started traveling abroad way back 2013, I always try to collect ref magnets and postcards. My friends sometimes also made it possible to send me postcards from different parts of the world. This thoughtfulness really melts my heart.


I really love writing especially when I have a lot of emotions and ideas. I invest on good pens so that if I want to read what I’ve written again after 10 or 20 years, the ink will still be readable.

Cosmetics or Makeup

I always want to improve and widen my skills so I am really investing on makeup and other cosmetics. I really want to change my look in every photo shoot and if someone is feeling ugly, I want to brighten their day through makeup.


I am the kind of girl who does not always shop for clothes or shoes (unless I really need to). I think one of the things which make my heart jump is taking pictures or being photographed as a model. So if you have some well-kept pictures (of us together) or you are willing to collaborate for a photoshoot, please let me know.

Love Everybody’s Body

Speaking of modeling, I have a lot of people telling me that “I am fat”, “I am short”, or “I am not enough.” Regardless of these comments, I still collaborate with artists and enhance my portfolio which landed me some exciting projects wherever I am in the world. So please, let’s uplift everyone by loving the body shape or height that all of us have.


One of my dreams is to be sketched or drawn by an artist. I have a Filipino friend who would always draw or sketch me using any paper. That’s like a tradition every time we meet because he knows that I’ll be very happy then. Some of my other friends here in Germany also did that and I posted all these artworks at my place.


I love making videos– either for myself or for other people. I had a number of surprised birthday celebration, which I am always the one who makes the “tribute” video. I would always go an extra mile to make them special. I’m sending out my wishes to all and hopefully one day that there’s someone kind enough who would go an extra mile to make my own tribute video. Celebrity greetings will also be welcomed.


I was not really a fan of perfume before but when people started giving me that as a gift and when I tried them, it just feels good whenever I will hear others that I smell great or the room smells good because of me.


I was advised by my doctor to go hiking since this will help me a lot to improve my condition. The last time I did it was in college so I would really appreciate any reliable travel buddy or mountaineer who would help me make this into reality.


Back in Singapore, I really went all out for a good night out. I also celebrated my friends’ birthdays partying in a club. My greatest wish in my birthday is just to be surrounded by really true, respectful, and good friends who have positive energies who would be there for me to just simply drink, dance, and be happy together. I will be the happiest if this happens.


I love drinking and if people would ask me what I want I always say either Lambrusco or any sweet wine. If I’m having a bad day, sometimes it’s a good stress reliever 🙂


As much as I love partying, I also love eating! When I get lonely, I just simply head to the nearest buffet restaurant here in our small city and eat there alone. I would be very happy to celebrate my birthday with some company 🙂

Quality Conversation

I always treasure quality conversations with people whether they are old friends, new acquaintances, or even strangers in a public transportation. I’m always careful when I talk to strangers but I really love how people surprisingly inspire me through opening their heart, fears, and dreams. A remarkable line from a good conversation sometimes leaves a mark for a lifetime.

Art Appreciation Day

I love watching movies in the cinema or Netflix. My stress reliever can also be watching a theater play, going to a museum or just painting for a whole day while listening to some cool music. These activities fill my soul and if anyone would give me that chance to have an art appreciation day, I’ll be then grateful.

One-of-a-Kind Surprise

My family gave me two surprise parties in the Philippines and it was really good. I hope to receive more good surprises soon!


I just want to share that I just realize the importance of time compared to money. Time is really essential because we can always earn money but once time is wasted you can’t get it back again. “Time waits for no one” as an old saying states. So if you’ll spend your time with me, I will be thankful for that.

True Friendship

I reach this age when I don’t want to have a lot of friends anymore. Not because I am not friendly, but because I want to establish stronger ties to the people whom I chose as friends and for the people who respect and trust me as their friend. I realize that friendship shouldn’t ever be a consolation nor a one-way street. Friendship grows through time and it usually becomes stronger based on how you always end up choosing each other to be part of each other’s lives–no matter how difficult life gets or even if your expectations differ. Friendship will always thrive on love and respect so I hope that I can still keep valuable friendship not just when it is happy or fun but hopefully even if it is difficult.

Travel and Explore Other Culture

At first, I don’t really want to travel because of some schedule or money issues. After I spontaneously book my trip to the Philippines and traveled there, I met my old and new found friends. I felt a different kind of feeling which money can’t buy or Internet can’t provide.  I am looking forward to explore more cultures and places.

Understand Depression

Some of my important relationships or even jobs ended because of depression. The best gift that I and other people can receive is to have an open mind about this mental disorder. It is not drama. It is not being weak. It is not being shallow. We need your understanding first, above all else.


Forgiveness and Healing

In this age, I already had a lot of goodbyes. Unfortunately, these are people who are still dear to me.  I hope that even if the communication lines have been broken they can still remember me on my special day. I hope that they will find a special place in their heart to heal for what has been said and done and I am wishing that they will somehow forgive me for my shortcomings.


I’m a very jolly and positive person. If anyone needs help, I will do my best to extend a helping hand. But this is just one side of me.  When I am open and honest sometimes I tend to show complex emotions. As an effect, people will tend to just go away. One best thing that I can receive is the acceptance of people that I have my best and worst personalities, I have values and principles that I want to keep regardless of where I am and I cannot change some of my non-negotiables.

Real Date

I’ve learned the hard way that romantic relationship shouldn’t be controlled,chased, dragged, or even asked. On the one hand, it should happen at the right time, right place, with the right person. On the other hand, I know that effort also counts. I don’t know if it is too much to ask. I think one of my sincerest wishes is to have a real date with a man, who will embrace my mind (from any shallow, non-sense, or childish  idea to any thought-provoking debates), who will be happy to spend time with me without any inappropriate horny intentions, and last but not the least who would love my culture and will not think of me as someone secondary or low. I think I am ready to meet that kind of person without short-selling myself.

Support on Judeebee

I love blogging and vlogging since I was in college. I am currently conducting my postgraduate research that’s why I open a Judeebee account on all important social media channels. Following, liking, or sharing what I make will really help me and my studies.

Tips or Strategies  or Comments

If ever you like my works on the Internet or not, I will be very happy to know your opinions or comments. I think it will be better for me to know your feedback so I can really improve my craft.

Have a Chance to Stage  a Play or Make a Movie

I just miss doing this. I am looking for people who have the discipline, passion, and professionalism to make this possible. This will be a good opportunity.

No Discrimination

I know the world is becoming more and more open but still, discrimination still exists. I hope everyone will think before they act, and eventually be more open-minded.

Equal Opportunity for All

I hope doors will open for all those people who really work hard for their dreams regardless of their color, religion, nationality, or gender.

Help Others

This doesn’t only mean financial help, but please help others especially when they need you most. Try to reach out and be a blessing to other people without expecting anything in return and without losing your self.


I hope that love will find his way back to me and will eventually stay.