Currently, I’m doing a lot of academic research. Writing papers might be a requirement for my studies but I also want to share these materials to inform and shed new light to the given topic.Hopefully, by reading these pages, you can learn from it and be inspired to even write your own perspective based on what I presented 🙂

Have fun and be the enlightened one!

Desperate Housewives
Desperate Housewives may be considered as one of the most popular TV series. Can this series be considered as such or can it be a form of entertainment that delineates social issues, which challenge American society today?
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Twitter: When Print and New Media Collide
The use of print and new media has been an on-going issue of debate. This might be the result of a generational gap since older generations prefer traditional forms of media while e-books, Twitter and Facebook have become a major part of the new generation’s daily life. Continue Reading
Paano Ba ‘To?!: How to Survive Growing Up
I’m living in Europe alone and it takes time to get real friends so I ask myself how can I cope with all the challenges and difficulties that I encounter here?

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